About Us

Our Philosophy

We believe nature is the best inventor for what goes on your skin, and what nature doesn’t know, we use state of the art science to find out. We do this by combining the very best of science with a clinical understanding of skin health and the unique benefits of natural European-sourced bioactive ingredients.

Each formula is therefore a subtle blend of natural, plant-based ingredients, containing no paraffin, used by skin care professionals: a range that suits all skin types, for specific treatments or daily care.

Our products are developed through medical expertise and in collaboration with a team of chemists and pharmacists, following a set of very specific and ambitious technical specifications. We are fully in compliance with the new European Cosmetics Regulation No. 1223/2009 which requires that all cosmetic products placed on the European market comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

At Rebel4Cause, we believe that science and nature can coexist!

Packaging - Less is more

At Rebel4Cause, we place great importance on sustaining and protecting the environment. While preserving product features and functionality, we avoid outer layers to minimise packaging waste and use eco-friendly materials as much as possible. We hope to always reduce our impact on nature and prevent the waste of resources we believe are essential to our responsibility as a brand.

Our goal is to provide you with high-quality cosmetics with a conscience!

Natural beauty



Dare to stay young! Dare to stay beautiful! Dare to stay healthy!

Healthy is new beautiful, isn’t it? At Rebel4Cause, we truly believe healthy beauty starts from within. Our mission is to actively cultivate beauty by stimulating and inspiring your body, mind and spirit.

Our philosophy is that growing older is natural - we can't stop it. But we can help you lessen the impact of passing years by using cutting edge beauty products and technologies to make you look younger and glowing.

We want our customers to feel right and look good by encouraging inner beauty to shine through at every stage of life.

Our products are tailored to strengthen the balance of body, mind and spirit by using natural ingredients that give targeted support to your body's own natural processes, boosting internal balance. They enhance your body’s ability to nurture and heal, to help itself.

Radiance from inside out is very important to us!